Father Jan Koczy

Jan KoczyFr. Jan Koczy is a member of the Society of the Divine Word, often known as the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD - Societas Verbi Divini). He was born in 1967 in Raciobórz in Silesia, Poland, the youngest of three siblings. He grew up in Rudyszwałd and lived there until he joined the Society. From his early years he was an altar server and this influenced his vocation. He wished to be a missionary. He attended an elementary school in Chałupki, graduating in 1982. The next four years of high school gave him an opportunity to learn more about the mission field and strengthened his wish to serve in it. On finishing high school in 1986 Jan Koczy entered the novitiate of the Society of the Divine Word in Chludowo, near Poznań. The following year he began his philosophical studies in Nysa, completing them in 1989. He studied theology for four years in the SVD Missionary Seminary in Pieniężno, with a one-year break for pastoral practice in St Margaret Parish in Bytom, Silesia.

After his ordination as a priest in May 1994, he was sent to work pastorally for two years in Dolni Pustevna, on the north-western border of the Czech Republic (Sluknov). In February 1997 he went to Ecuador in South America to work as a missionary. He served as a pastoral assistant in St. Brother Michael Parish in Guasmo, a poor district of Guayaquil until August 1998 when he became pastor of the neighboring "Divine Word" Parish. After two years there he was transferred to Ventanas in Los Rios Province and has been pastor there since then. After his first year he began building a church and a parish house. He also realized that there were many needy children in the parish, so he established the "St Joseph Freinadmetz SVD - Fu Shen Fu Foundation", to help them. It is a poor parish and the people of it cannot give much financial help to this work. Please consider helping these needy children and their families by contributing to the Foundation.


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