Few ways to help us

How to Help

How to donate

If you wish to help us you can do that regardless of your own financial situation. Here are just a few ideas.

Spiritual Help

  • Keep us in your own daily prayers
  • Create praying groups to support our work
  • Order Holy Mass in our intention
  • Other forms of spiritual help

Volunteer Work

If you believe that you have skills that can be well used by the foundation then apply to volunteer with us. Let us know what you can and would like to do and when you are available. We will compare that with our needs and let you know when you can come over to work with us. Please keep in mind that as much as we appreciate any offer of help we usually accept new volunteers who are ready to be with us for at least six months. Priority is given to applicants who can speak Spanish.

Sponsorshipat a Distance

We have a long list of children available for “ sponsorship at a distance”. These children are not in fact offered for adoption. However, you can sponsor the child of your choice by making monthly, quarterly, or annual donations. You decide how much money you want to donate, how often, and for what period of time. Please note that the donated funds are not given to the children or their parents but are managed by the foundation on their behalf. Your donation is being used for the food, health care, and education.

Other Donations

In addition to taking care of the children on a daily bases, we are constantly working on various projects that are in need of financial support. Presently we are raising funds to finish the construction of the second floor of our building with rooms and washrooms for volunteers. Once this is accomplished we will be raising funds to buy the land and to build our own school on it. Later, we are planning to set up branches of our foundation in other cities across Ecuador and possibly other countries of South America. Here is how you can donate.

Offering New Ideas

If you have your own idea for help or co-operation that wasn't covered by any of the programs mentioned above, please contact us and share it with us. We are open to discussing it with you.

Promoting the Foundation

The more people learn about our work, the bigger the chance to help more children.

  • You can market the idea by linking to our website or by posting banners at your own website.
  • You can acquire and distribute our promotional materials (calendars, CD's with our children’s songs, films about the foundation, etc.)
  • You can participate in actions undertaken by our sponsors:    

TV Noe in Czech Republic
Forum Polonia in Houston, USA

How to Donate

The easiest way to donate is by using your credit card via PayPal. Just click on PayPal button at the left side of the page and follow the steps.

If you prefer to make a deposit to a bank account then there are the following three options to donate:


1. To the bank account in the USA:

a. Make a deposit to account at CHASE
Checking account # 403301331


        2. To the bank account in Ecuador:

Fundacion San Jose Freinademetz – Fu Shen Fu
Banco del Pichincha
Checking Account No. 3463780104

3. To the bank account in Poland:


The złoty account no.
PL 87 1090 2011 0000 0005 3203 5194

The dollar account no.
PL 25 1090 1766 0000 0001 1229 3215

The euro account no.
PL 09 1090 2011 0000 0001 2138 9911



For information about other options to donate, and for any other information related to the Foundation, please send a message to confirm.