We want to raise: 
54 000 USD
14 000 USD

For some time the Foundation has been meaning to open up a school for the children of the foundation and other children in need who have not been able to receive our care. The opportunity that has arisen is INVITING, and not realizing this project would be such a disappointment. The cost of the terrain 

Reasons to open up a school:

  • The need of a school with higher education in Ventanas and areas surrounding. Also, there are no catholic schools around.
  • The reduction of cost in sustaining the children of the foundation (all school supplies, uniforms, books, and so on are funded by us, and they tend to "disappear"). The possibility of saving for educational materials would be present.
  • A bigger control over the children of the Foundation would be possible (meaning there would be more control of the education, cultural awareness, and personal growth of the children, so that the work done up to this point would not go to waste).
  • All the basic goals of the foundation (four of them) would be reachable in one location.